Top Apps For Windows Phone

Top 7 Apps For Windows Phone

Here is the list of Top 7 Free Application for your Windows mobile.

1. Iheartradio


To the die-hard music fans this is a quite appealing app. It allows you to stream internet radio US style and with a choice of 750 stations. Not only are the songs well organized by city or genre, this app also allows you to find lyrics for the song being played. You can also sign up for a free account for building your own stations. So why wait, buckle up and lets rock!

2. Foursquare


Foursquare is great way to keep log of your Past check-ins, mayorships, friends, tips you’ve left, badges you’ve earned and locations you’ve saved to visit. The app is well designed and is a great way to organize your daily works.

3. Adobe Reader


Adobe Reader is probably one of the most important apps of Windows 7. It enables you to easily read the pdf files in your mobile that have been either downloaded or saved previously in your phone. Adobe reader enhances your mobile experience by merging your educational and official needs with you entertaining cell phone. If you hate to read story books then try Adobe Reader and the eBooks on the net, some interesting stories in your beloved phone is bound to give a whole new experience.

4. Twitter


The world of social networking will be brought further near to your grasp by this. Enjoy all dynamic features of twitter using this application and stay connected with your friends 24/7

5. eBay


Online marketing have never been easier. Now purchase any product directly from your cell phone. Set a price range for a search, browse by category, watch items or bid straight from the phone (including making a Best Offer), then pay with PayPal. In car, or in bus, in home or at work, with eBay you are always in the market

6. YouTube


Even though you cannot watch a YouTube video in your phone because of Flash player, you can still browse the site and look for your favorite videos and later watch them in PC or Laptops

7. Flickr


Most flickr users have hard time browsing flickr photos from phone. Even though there is well integration of Facebook in Windows 7 phone but still you will require a Windows Live id to enjoy the picture in Flickr . This app enables all the comprehensive features enabling you to enjoy your own photos as well as your friends’ pictures and the groups you’re in. Now you can easily upload photos and can even comment there using this software.