Best app to download free movies on android

Here are the best ways for free movie downloads for android mobile ,it includes some Android free movie apps list to download Hollywood and Bollywood movies in 2016

Please follow all the steps do not skip any step and let me know in comment section if you face any problem.

Currently we have the best free apps to download the movies on your android and iPhone.

1. Movies apk (100% free, No CC card number required)

This is 100% free android app,its available for all the countries.This app does not display any ads so you may be asked to fill a small survey before downloading the file as it is the only source of income for the developer. If you face any issue please let us know in comment section.

Benefits :

you can stream/download movies from any mobile and PC,  watch any no of movies any no of times with no bandwidth limit. Create a huge collection of movies on your computer,mobile or portable and watch them anywhere. Movie quality is super HD  and is dedicated for streaming and watching movies.

Works on any device Android / Iphone / Ipad / Laptop
Unlimited Downloading/streaming
High Quality Movies Directly on your mobile
Direct, convenient and unlimited easy access 24/7!

Download this app on your Mobile- click here


Download Link 2

With this service, you get instant access to a world of cinema. Thousands of Movies online, any genre to suit your mood.

– Faster-than-ever download times: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!
– Access hard-to-find films not in stores & build your own portable film library!
– Cherish the classics you loved over and over again in DVD Quality


2.   Amazon Free Movies app for 30 days  :

Recently Amazon has launched an app for  their Amazon prime video program.This Amazon app can be downloaded on any android phone ,you have to login through your amazon prime membership credentials and  if you dont have any prime membership you can get 30 days free membership here.

The Amazon prime application is easily available and the best part is it provides access to all the movies. One of the good features is it is free for first thirty days when you can download unlimited amount of movies. Amazon maintains a list of its potential client. So, at the end of 30th day, Amazon will demand a membership form you.
This app provides you extra privileges too. As long as you have the membership of this app, you can enjoy unlimited two days delivery for your every order on Amazon. This application has a huge collection of movies which is more than forty thousand. So, there is a very nominal chance of you not finding a movie.
Just next to the theatres, all the latest movies are uploaded on this app for the viewers and the subscribers. Moreover, if you are interested in songs and downloading pictures, there are millions of songs and pictures which you can easily download as well.
Amazon Prime has always got an amazing appreciation on social media, you can easily access yourself to this prime offer of videos on Facebook and Twitter.
For people who love to listen to songs, it has a brilliant collections of songs. You can even customize your playlist according to the taste of your music.
Another brilliant feature of the Amazon Prime is that you can save photos and watch them through any device. It provides unlimited storage space to save the pictures and the music.

Features :

1.      Amazon app is completely free for 30 days.

2.      More than 200,000 movies /Tv shows are available.

3.      Provide best quality HD/SD version of movies and shows

Watch this video “How to enjoy amazon movies on android and Iphone”

So Start your free Amazon Prime membership

Extra Benefits of Amazon prime:

1.      If you signup for 30 days amazon prime membership you will also get 30 days unlimited music streaming completely free. It gives you unlimited, ad-free access to over a million songs and hundreds of custom-built playlists.

2.      You will get free shipping option on amazon shopping.

3.      Free unlimited photo storage in Amazon Cloud Drive.

4.      500,00 free ebooks

I have created direct links for most demanded movies and shows, just enjoy for free

TV Shows :  True Blood 7 Seasons

The Newsroom 3 Seasons

Transparent 1 Season

Movies :

Transformers: Age of Extinction 2014

The Expendables 3

Hercules (2014)

The Aviator

Amazon app is exceptionally straight forward and the most ideal approach to watch and download movies and TV shows on your mobile and PC.It is unrestricted and completely free of expense and if you want to continue after your free trial you can pay 99$ per year.

Join Amazon Prime – Watch Movies & TV Shows Anytime – Start Free Trial Now

Note: To avoid the Fake users registration and multiple usage for free trial Amazon will ask you to enter your unique card no, No money will be deducted for 30 days trial,you can buy the subscription plan as per your need after 30 days otherwise your account will be deactivated.

Here are 3 easy steps to start watching movies on your android /iphone mobiles

1. Create a free account on Amazon Prime (create here)

2. Download the mobile app from Amazon app store

3. Enjoy for 30 days for free.

3. Wynk Movies App (only for India users)

Before getting into the finer details of the app, first let us discuss about the prominent features which is supported by the app:
• Chrome-cast ready: Cast your favorite videos from your phone to your TV.
• No buffering: Since the video quality automatically adapts to the network speed, it reduces both the buffering and the related suffering.
• Genres like Comedy, Drama, Action, Thriller, Kids, etc., are available.
• Multi-device access: Uses single sign-on to access the best of entertainment on up to 5 devices.
• Allows you to resume your movie or TV show from wherever you left.
• Allows you to download your favorite content and watch it offline anytime you want.
Since, the mobile and data bandwidth in India has gone up to 4G technology, the e service providers are very much convinced that the network will become better and consumers will start to use more videos app like Wynk Movies.
The app features a wide range of collection to the Bollywood Movie lovers. The collection on this app keeps on adding a lot of new releases to the collection and it adds appeal to them who end up watching everything that releases.
Wynk movies features a dozen of Regional Indian Language and have different movie titles in those languages too. For those who love daily soaps on television, Sony LIV has been integrated to this app which shows all the comedy and the daily serials which is getting featured on TV.
The UI of this app is simple and very user friendly. The app has a pre-defined resolution and Full HD resolution is available on the larger screens of the portable Android devices.
The subscription plan range starts from Rs. 199 to Rs. 249 with some other daily plans. I has other aggregator and metered plans which can be used to view around twenty movies in a month.This is a perfect app for those die-hard Bollywood fans who have a very deep love for movies and want to carry their passion in their portable devices.

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Clear Facebook Activity Log in Android

Social networks have become an integral part of our lives. These social networks have become a powerful medium to stay connected with our near and dear ones. The Social Media gives us new opportunities to find job and even keeps us updated with the latest news.
Out of all the social networks, Facebook has built up the most prominent place in the market. Now, let’s face the truth, Facebook, like other social media is nothing but a way to gather information and sell it to advertisers. Surely, it gives a cool way to interact with your friends, but the bottom line is that it is devised to gather as much information about you and your friends.
Just like some search engines and email services. Facebook also memorizes users’ search history and provide appropriate suggestions based on their areas of interest. Luckily, it is very much possible to delete all the search history and activity logs.
As you use more and more apps on your android device, it will keep on getting integrated with you Facebook account and it will keep sharing something or the other on your timeline. You can quickly delete your recent activities like articles you have read, music you have listened to, comments posted, games played, etc using your Facebook app for android.
Assuming that you already have Facebook App installed on your Android phone and the phone has active internet connection, here is how you can clear Facebook Activity Log in Android smart phone.
Step #1
Power on your Android phone.
Step #2
Tap the menu button to go to your home screen.
Step #3
Locate and tap the Facebook app.
Step #4
Once opened, enter your credentials and tap on the Log In button to sign-in to your account.
Step #5
After you log in. tap on the search icon (magnifying glass icon) present at the top of the interface.
Step #6
On the RECENTLY SEARCHED window, tap the EDIT icon (icon with gear symbol) to top-right corner.
Step #7
As the Activity Log window opens, locate and tap the Clear Searches option.
Step #8
After the Clear Searches, you will get a confirmation whether delete the recent search history of your Facebook account.
The same process which has been listed above can be followed on the desktop version of your Facebook account. There, you need to access your Facebook account on a computer and in order to delete the Activity Log, follow the same procedures.
Many people still consider that Facebook is saving our personal information for our own benefit. Of late, this fact is losing its relevance. This is Facebook’s endeavor to narrow down the ad results to each individual user.
While deleting your Activity Log on Facebook, is a great place to start with. But still, you cannot remove the history related to your Likes, Comments and Posts as this history remains in the individual categories. While you can’t delete everything from these categories, you can just adjust the viewing permissions to increase the privacy from the prying eyes and suspicious eyes.

5 Features That Show How Amazing Android Wear can be

Google android wear has much more than you think and with the release of the wrist-based wearable, it’s quite clear that hard work reflects in its android wear and it is successful in creating a gadget that consumer will hopefully trusts in years to come.

Google Android Wear organizes your information, suggests what you need, and shows it to you before you even ask. In addition you can get messages from your friends, meeting notifications, and weather updates at a glance. So if you’re wanting to know more, here are top 5 features of Google wear that everyone should know

1) Fitness

With the Fitness feature users can keep track of your activity with daily summaries showing your step count and heart rate but heart rate is only available on watches with heart rate monitors.

If your watch has a GPS sensor, fitness apps can now track your distance and speed without your phone. Go for a run or bike ride and leave your phone at home.

2) Just say “Ok Google”

Respond to texts, instant messages and emails by voice. Ask questions like “What time it is in New York,” or “How many calories are there in an apple?”
See who is calling, or read texts, instant messages and emails as soon as they arrive. Just say “Ok Google, call me a car” to order a vehicle to your location. See how long your wait and the model of the car on your watch and rate the driver when reached your destination.

3) Music playback

Download your favorite albums and playlists to your watch and listen to them without your phone via Bluetooth headphones.

In fact it is perfect for running or biking when your phone is out of low battery. Just say “Ok Google plays some music” to start listening from your phone, and pause, play, and skip tracks on the go.

4) Weather and Commute

Glance at the weather forecast when you get up in the morning; ask anything, like “Will it rain this weekend.”
See how long it will take you to get to work while you’re getting ready in the morning. Just say “Ok Google navigate to” and your destination to get turn by turn navigation.


5) Reminders

Glance and say “Ok Google” to set location-based or time-based reminders. For instance, “Ok Google reminds me to water the plants when I get home.” Or “Ok Google reminds me to pick up popcorn at 6pm.” Just say “Ok Google take a note Cafe Coffee Day” to create a note with that restaurant recommendation in Google Keep.

The subject, time and location of your next appointment appear on the screen so that you don’t have to check your calendar. Your flight information also appears before you go to the airport.


Download Music On iPhone Without iTunes

Apple’s all iOS devices are designed is such a way so that I could sync its library on a specific Mac or PC. This method is quite inconvenient for you if you just want to add new songs to your device without going through the lengthy sync process.

iTunes is the default application for iPad users to transfer music to iPhone, iPod, iPad or Mac and Windows PC. This article deals with the ways to add music to iPad without iTunes. After this article you can even know how to get rid of the complicated process to sync music to iPad without iTunes.

The Best iTunes Alternative for Mac or Windows:

#1: iSkysoft TunesOver

This is one of the best iTunes alternative to transfer music to iPod/iPad without iTunes. It manages your music library in the iOS device and provides a quick way to build playlists to your devics.

To use TunesOver, music formats is not an issue because the smart app can automatically detect the music file format and convert it to iPad/iPod/iPhone compatible formats. Just connect the device to Mac and launch TunesOver. Simply click the Add button to transfer the music from the local drive to your iPhone/iPad/iPod.

#2: SharePod

SharePod is a transfer tool for Mac and Windows users to transfer music to iPod, iPad, iPhone without iTunes. You also can use SharePod to play and manage your music. It also has the ability to organize music and build playlist or library. When you launch SharePod and connect your iPhone to your computer, you can just select “Copy to iPhone” and choose the music files you like to add music to iPhone without iTunes.

  • Copy music to iPhone, iPod, iPad
  • Organize iDevice library and playlist
  • Play music

#3: Floola

Floola is an iTunes alternative freeware specially designed for iPod, Motorola mobile phonetransfer and management. You can put music on iPod without iTunes on Mac, Windows and Linux platform. The great feature of Floola is that you are able to add music from any computers (including your friends’ computers) to your iPod. The transfer step is quite simple with just drag-and-drop.

  • Free to transfer music and playlist to iPod and Motorola mobiles
  • Manage iPod and Motorola mobiles data


#4: PodTrans

PodTrans is a data shift way out for iPods as the name shows, Pod (iPod) Trans (transfer data). Without iTunes you can easily transfer your music files and all your media file data from your iPod to PC. It is excellently compatible with Mac and Windows and performs on a very high speed. This app is also called one click transfer solution. Its friendly interface filter window makes its use trouble-free for the new users. It is easy to organize the data and you can make a large number of playlists of your favorite music without getting your device burdened.

  • Simple way to import and export media files between your Apple device and PC
  • Have backup files to restore data
  • Organize your music file


#5: AnyTrans

AnyTrans is the iTunes alternative that used for any kind of transfer of apps, music libraries, media file content and many more. This app is getting famous because of its easy use, fast speed, restore ability, rebuild music libraries, easy connectivity with multiple device and many more. All these qualities make the app more reliable as compared to iTunes. You can just connect your iDevice with the computer and then use the Add button to put music to iPhone, iPod, iPad without iTunes.

  • Best for iOS in transferring the files from one iDeviceto other iDevice
  • Can restore data even from the iTunes backup
  • Convert the media file formats according to need
  • Can play iTunes playlists from old iPods
  • Allows creation of music library

#6: iTools

iTool is a free alternative to iTunes that have an excellent compatibility with Mac as well as with Windows. iTools is much more similar with iTunes in manifestation so, very useful for those users who feel difficulty in dealing with the new software just because of new and unfamiliar interface. iTools have same side bar with similar options as iTunes have and both share similar functions like transferring music file, managing other apps, convert format at fly, connecting the iDevices with iDevices and with PC indeed.


  • Great help in arranging, deleting, restoring the media files and music libraries
  • Transfer any type of app and file among iDevices
  • Help to deal and transfer the data from iDevice to PC
  • Can play iTunes playlists from old iPods
  • Allows creation of music library

#7: DiskAid

DiskAid is an app manager which assists you to get rid of iTunes. It is best for synchronization of your media file and to transfer the music from windows to Mac and vice versa. One of the exciting feature that make it prominent is that it can transfer file through USB as well as through Wi-fi. It can detect and can connect with multiple devices through Wi-Fi and Cable. Other features are same as iTunes. Easier interface helps to understand the software and helps to edit, view, buy and manage the apps inside.
Disk Aid

  • Create backup and can restore data if your hard drive get crashed
  • Transfer voice memos, audio books, media files to iDevice
  • Create music library so deals with the music files

#8: SynciOS

SynciOS is a free alternative to iTunes for Windows that not only helps you to download any kind of music or whole albums of your own choice but is also a great assist in managing it. With SynciOS you can make a lot of playlist without interrupting the original music library. Sharing your music files with SynciOS will be a pleasant experience for sure.

  • Help to export the music files from one iDevice to other
  • Make backup files to save your valued data for future use
  • Assists in adding the media files to your iOS devices

#9: Media Monkey

Media Monkey is another free iTunes alternative. It allows you to manage music, and sync or transfer your music to iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android devices, just like iTunes for Mac. To sync music to iPod, you can go to Tools > Sync Devices, and select the option of Auto-Synchronize, or Sync selected to start to put music on iPod without iTunes.

  • Play audio and video files
  • Manage your music, videos, podcast and rip CD
  • Sync music to iPhone, iPod, iPad and Android devices


#10: CopyTrans Manager

CopyTrans Manager is a free iTunes alternative that enables you to copy music to your iPhone, iPad, iPod without using iTunes on Windows PC. To use CopyTrans Manager, you do not need to install or launch iTunes as the other iTunes alternatives. It can only work well in sync data while comes with lack of features when comparing with iTunes.


Do you like cycling and you are looking for the best iPhone apps to track your rides? Regardless of why you are cycling there is an app that you can install on your phone to help you track your progress. Different people take on cycling or biking for different reasons; it could be you are a professional cyclist and you are training for the next competition, it could for fun or you may be doing it as a way to keep fit. For the hardcore cyclists there are apps that can share your location with loved ones at all times. Regardless of what you want to track, there are lots of options available in the App Store for you. However what iPhone apps for cycling and biking are the very best? This article seeks to answer that question and after reading it you will know what the best iPhone apps for cyclists to help them train harder, bike further and stay safer are.


Cyclemeter I will have to say in my opinion is the most versatile in this list in terms of its features. This app comes with a ton of features of which all of them are useful. To start with you can track every statistic you can possibly think of. Cyclemeter allows you to customize over 120 audio alerts to let you know exactly where you are during a ride. Another amazing feature is that it has built-in training assistance to help you get ready for any kind of race you may be prepping for. To add to this amazing features, Cyclemeter also lets you share your work outs online as well as notify friends and family of exactly where you are whether during a race or for safety reasons, you can also export your data to many different formats including CSV. Cyclemeter is the most feature complete cycling and biking app you will find on any platform so get it now and start enjoying it, and it’s free to download.

VeloPal also does virtually everything you would expect a great cycling and biking app to do. This app tracks all your cycling data in one place including distance covered, time, speed, altitude, calories burned, your GPS location and many more. The most amazing thing about VeloPal is that it can still work perfectly in the background. This means that you can use your music app or any other app on your iPhone without worrying about interrupting your workout. This app also allows you to create custom charts for the data that you care about most. To add to this wonderful features; there are all kind of ways through which you can view your data in VeloPal as well as including an easy to use calendar and much more. VeloPal may not be as versatile as Cyclemeter but it’s still a great app that you should pay attention to.

Do you like sharing your data or better yet do you like doing your stuff, and in this case biking, as a community? If your answer is yes then Strava is the app for you. Strava just like the other cycling apps helps you track all your cycling data but what really makes it stand out is the community behind it. With Strava you can compete against other riders on the leaderboards as well as check out routes that other Strava users have already created. You can also share the routes that you have personally created. This app also works with most ANT+ and Bluetooth LE sensors to collect heart rate and cadence data. Strava is a great app especially if you have accessories like heart rate monitors that you want to use.

Map My Ride+
Just to give you a brief history of this app; it was created by the same makers of the popular Map My Run app and I know after hearing that you expect it to be as wonderful. Well you are not wrong because Map My Ride is a great app that comes with some wonderful features. With this app you can track calories burned, time and distance with audio alerts so you always know exactly where you are in your workout without actually having to pick up your phone to check. One of its best features is that it is an all-in-one health tracker, so you can track nutrition to see what you are burning in relation to what you are in taking. So if you are looking for a cycling and biking app that offers more than just your cycling progress then you should give Map My Ride+ a try.

Do you do cycling for fitness purposes? If your answer is yes then iBiker will be of much interest to you because it supports an incredible amount of third party wearables and accessories that can’t be matched by any other fitness app. All the data you would expect to find in a fitness app is there including voice feedback, maps, charts, distance, calories burned among others. The real stand out feature of iBiker is the wearables it supports; support includes the Jawbone UP, Adidas, Polar and even Fitbit. As if that is not enough, there is also support for other third party apps to pull in data such as MyFitnessPal and Runkeeper. If you are looking for a cycling app that is dynamic in terms of wearables it supports then look no further than iBiker. The app is free to download so get it now and enjoy your cycling experience.
There are other apps which didn’t make it to my list of top five cycling apps but are still worth to be mentioned. Let me start with Runkeeper; the app is amazing as it tracks both running and cycling in a really nice interface. It also has settings for hiking, mountain climbing and other sports too; you can also integrate with Pebble and music playlist. Another app that you should check out is Routie, it has amazing features too.

Best app to download music|songs|mp3 on android

Now days everyone love to listen songs on their android phone, they considered their phone as primary mode of music, but nobody like to download new songs on pc then transferring it to phone, it is good to directly download the mp3 songs on your android mobile phone. Here is the most popular music downloader app if you are an android user with a 3g or a Wi-Fi connection.

Here is the list of top 4 best app to download music/songs/mp3 to your android mobile

Samsung Android Free music App :

Only for Indian citizens if you are non indian please check the below amazon music app
You can use this FREE app to download the music on android phone, after analysing the users rating and comparing this app with other available music app we have rated this app on top. If you are aware of any better music downloader app than this please let us know in comments section. Google play have many apps which can download music but most of them are crap, some have spyware ,buddle of ads, high usage of RAM , most of the apps will redirect you illegal music download website so considering all these factor this is the only free android app which have multiple music listening and downloading features. It is a prominent android app to download songs for free, which was launched in 2010. Now, there is no need to listen songs online as this app will also let you save the song directly into your android mobile, means you can save your internet data usage. It has already crossed more than million download.
This official website might be slow,please refresh the page if it does not load)
This app is power packed with features shown below:
1. Share tracks within friend circle
2. It is free and always will be
3. Build and customize your playlist
4. Allows you to download songs for offline fun

Why this is best : Why this app called to be the best is simply because it has multiple search engines and various music charts. The download manager is very strong and built-in music player is awesomely powerful. Another best feature of this app to download songs on android is you can fascinatingly set your favorite song as your ringtone and assign it to contacts on your phone

.Amazon music App :

Amazon is offering this app for 30 days free trial ,This Music app makes it easy to discover, play and share the music you love on Android and the web.With its new All Access service, you can play/download millions of songs , listen to radio with no limits, and enjoy playlists handcrafted by our music experts. The simplicity and convenience of this app enable the user to download and reveal millions of mp3 songs from public search engines. The user also can manage the downloaded music, play music and make ringtones and none the less, search and download mp3 songs with preference of WiFi connection. Amazon Prime Music offers unlimited, ad-free access to over a million songs for 30 days

1. Create a free account on Amazon Prime (create here)

2. Download the mobile app

3. Enjoy for 30 days for free.

Extra Benifit :

This is just not only for music but also Instantly watch over 40,000 movies and TV episodes with titles for everyone all free for first 30 days

* Borrow books from the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library

* Get unlimited FREE two-day shipping with no minimum order size

? Songkick Concerts – Among the millions of apps to download music on android, Songkick Concerts app could get you to extreme live music experience. This app scans your phone for music and gives you details of the artist of the song like concert schedules and live performance. This app don’t only download free music on android but also inform you and keep you updated of your artist gigs.

Music Maniac – Through this app you can search in a extensive database of CC Licensed songs / Mp3. This app is a great source of mp3 downloads to all the free songs licensed under creative commons.


Also Read: Best apps to download/watch free movies on your android


Now you have all the power to explore the world of music with these coolest and best apps to download music on android. You can relive the music of the past and enjoy the beat of the present. Get the rhythm feel the vibe and sing your heart away, grab this app to download music on android now.

source :

Best Android Applications You Must Have

The search engines engage in application shop provides exploded in recent years, having a proliferation regarding apps that could focus on the every will need. The thing is you will find too many ones.

In spite of Editor's Choices, Presented in addition to most popular, Leading Settled in addition to Leading Free of charge categories at this time there to help you out with all your downloading selection it really is still a painful activity seeking the ideal apps all around. Therefore, in retrospect many of us produced that checklist. As if, you want the best apps for our Operating system mobile phones. The particular apps that are going to revolutionize performance or even, at the minimum, offer one thing so great it gets to be one of several must-have apps that will needs to be downloaded once you have a new mobile phone.

The next apps are generally a variety of settled in addition to no cost people and still have been recently picked by simply each of our Operating system experts. So, despite the fact that do drop into actual cash regarding one of them apps, you're safe inside expertise that it must be a respectable invest in.

1. BBC Weather

Clear of your BBC that appeared overdue to the weather conditions application get together within 2013 in addition to shipped a totally stonking, triple-A meteorological experience. A variety of fashionable widgets, long-range estimates, location-aware settings in addition to assistance regarding numerous places produce finding out simply how much it really is pouring everywhere a new pleasure.

2.Kabee, Easyjet in addition to Barclays

Profitable enthusiasts all over Manchester is usually that, using the Kabbee application aggregating nearby minicab organizations in addition to seeking to match your evening drunken ferry needs to the most affordable accessible close by agent. The idea is usually to generate competitors amongst operators, using the result currently being several substantive financial savings over the typical African American pickup's cab prices.

3. Easyjet

This may not be a company work filled with cross selling in addition to advertising campaigns, it truly is effective. You possibly can publication the flight through the basic interface, pay out, check-in, and then possess the application crank out a new QR signal boarding complete for you to Samsung wave s8500 on the ticket workplace. Document is usually completely removed, for that reason managing models is usually completely removed, creating existence substantially better. Merely do not come to an end regarding battery about the wedding, else, you're packed. When EasyJet will not travel for your destination and then Kayak is an excellent choice regarding global earth trotters.

4. Barclays Cell phone Consumer banking

The first Samsung wave s8500 regarding portable bank apps ended up rubbish, mostly made up of templates that will aimed you to definitely several dreadful portable web site. Although not within 2014. Feel the hassle regarding verifying by yourself with this 1 as well as the Barclays application is extremely useful, list in addition to managing all of your accounts, and even able to perform as an alternative for your real PIN sentry cards target audience that's forced to gain access to the full computer bank website.


Sky's ramped way up its Operating system application collection within stunning style during the last couple of years, together with many manner of surging, on-demand in addition to specialist products and services accessible. Heavens RIGHT NOW TELEVISION SET is the foremost and many useful of the number, making consumers acquire entry to its sports activities channels with a PAYG groundwork. Dead useful regarding cherry picking the casual special day without having desiring the whole membership.

6. BT Wi-Fi

Should you be a new BT World wide web consumer, it is necessary mount. Give food to your application the BT account get better at security password (this stands out as the 1 you considered high on a new whim ten in years past in addition to won't be capable of remember), in addition to it is going to immediately sign you within each time you're within selection of a new BT hotspot. Granted that you have trillions ones in great Britain, this means automatic entry to effectively useful Wi-Fi connections while outdoors, keeping away from your spam £6-an-hour retailers.


The particular movie-making experience had taken a little while appearing about Operating system, and then had taken a little while for your several parasites for you to disappear : although now it really is many beneficial. It is really a basic recording/stop-motion/animation tool, allowing you to take dwell movie in your phone in addition to write about the idea by means of social networks. The particular application is usually the simplest way regarding searching Vines via some others, since the categories in addition to websites mean you can leaf because of the idea like telly, favouriting consumers.


Pretty much needed for anybody keeping up with a new perform PC, house PC, notebook computer, supplement, phone in addition to net refrigerator, Dropbox's critical energy is based on allowing you to gain access to almost any records anywhere. This may also immediately add images obtained in your phone for your requirements, and thus, right after a little posting in addition to downloading, all of your photographs are generally *right there* in your computer without the wearisome cable attaching.


Acquire irritated about how precisely sluggish your internet is usually. Acquire smug about how precisely fast your internet is usually. Traveler about the community speeds of the close friends in addition to nearby neighbors. When among the frequent talks with all your pals / buddies is usually the way fast your internet presently is usually, you'll need that. That you can do unrestricted broadband up/down velocity checks about almost any dull weekday morning.

10. Craigslist and ebay

The particular application itself isn't what exactly you'll call up beautiful, but it helps you look through, check out goods and get goods, establishing a new Paypal sign-in regarding quick getting regarding factors. On top of that, now Operating system mobile phones many have immense cameras in it, it's a doddle to offer goods directly through the application : have a photo, add the idea, have almost all of the list files pre-filled to suit your needs. The particular application is way better as a selling tool compared to the computer website, in reality.

11. Feedly

In case you felt a little bit shed in addition to turned off in the Reports Borg while The search engines de-activate it's Reader feed aggregator, feedly will assist. It's really a far more attractive in addition to swishy-slidy technique of getting files via FEED nourishes, together with several ways of showing website snippets in addition to navigating as a result of the unread heap regarding probably interesting factors.

12.BBC iPlayer

Took a while for your BBC for you to gradually energy that up to entire parity using the iOS relieve, although it really is pretty much at this time there now regarding the vast majority of well-liked Operating system versions. A new piecemeal method of launching not online obtain assistance provides irked several consumers, but it is still a great technique of in your phone as a current convenient telly for your sleeping quarters, so long as the broad band’s up to the job.

13. Carbon dioxide

The state Myspace application is usually a quite strange, ever-changing extramarital relationship, that will typically introduces far more frustrations in addition to quirks together with just about every new renovate. So ideal stay away from the idea and enjoy your excitement regarding third-party tweet application Carbon dioxide, that, using its new a couple of replacement, boosted the already posh experience together with new touch insight, far more down and dirty shortcuts along with a useful widget.


14. Tweedle

On the other hand, in case Carbon's down and dirty skills are generally a bit too significantly to deal with, test Tweedle. It is really a greatly easier Myspace application that will handles fundamentals. You have 3 articles for your schedule, the brings up in addition to one on one emails, in addition it really is super-fast for you to load together with just the casual ad about the picture preview websites to see you that this designer wouldn't head getting settled a little bit regarding the perform.


Top Entertainment Applications You Must Have On Your Android

DeaDBeeF Player


For anyone who is a good music dork or maybe desire to get a much more management in excess of your new music collection, take a look at DeaDBeeF. This particular sprawling app helps mp3, ogg, aac/mp4, alac/mp4, flac, ape, wv, wav, tta, mpc, sid, mod, s3m, nsf plus more. Gleam 10-band equalizer to get your tunes sound simply just thus. Ideal for all of those are living recordings connected with Steely John shows you've recently been hoarding.



Loaded with equally up-and-coming and also established functions, Bandcamp is among the majority of thrilling new music market segments right now. Their particular app remains to be a tad unsatisfying, shirking new music breakthrough discovery and also paying for nevertheless not too long ago introducing a weird sociable network attribute. However, it really really does one great thing—instant internet of your respective Bandcamp expenses. Of which by itself makes this app a keeper.


(Free of charge, ongoing service fees pertaining to internet)

Netflix internet offers rapidly be a staple connected with contemporary existence, plus the signature movie and also TV SET enjoying assistance appears great on Operating system. The firm connected with written content is not generally, ah, firm, the choice is huge. You may also steady stream online video media through the app in your TV SET via Yahoo Chromecast.


(Free of charge)

Using its enormous stock connected with new music, Spotify has become a mainstay without cost, lawful new music internet. A current rates shuffle provides free of charge portable Pandora-esque internet, and also a compensated ongoing will probably nab anyone on-demand assistance and also Brought Zepplin. Definitely, the attribute is close connections having performers whom discharge brand new cds about the assistance exactly the same morning these people reach these shelves in record outlets. Individuals stay alive, right.

Slacker R / c

(Free of charge, elective ongoing)
Slacker uses a unique perspective about the portable internet data format through offering additional than simply new music and also new music breakthrough discovery. It is going to hook up anyone together with your preferred tracks, nevertheless you can even look through their huge bunch of human-created playlists for each occasion—like Boat Good ole'. Furthermore, it possesses an comprehensive directory connected with stereo speak demonstrates, sporting activities, and also humor line. Whatsoever you would like to focus on, Slacker possibly offers this.


(Free of charge)

For anyone who is sick and tired of portable game titles, look at several titles such as Assassins Creed or perhaps M. A. Noire streamed in your Operating system via OnLive. The bill is free of charge, nevertheless game titles probably will set you back money—though numerous incorporate timed free of charge demos. Furthermore, you might like to put money into a controller because numerous game titles were being simply not designed for feel displays. It is really a tough, nevertheless unique, assistance.


Free of charge, ongoing necessary

If you await a Show on TV to end high on Netflix, Hulu As well as is your best option. Search or perhaps search this obtainable demonstrates, or perhaps enroll in on-air demonstrates to discover these individuals immediately. Most of the demonstrates, such as the Simpsons, are offered on the internet solely via Hulu. The assistance also characteristics high-quality videos, such as the whole Qualifying measure Collection.

Songkick Concert events

Free of charge

Songkick is the connection between your new music inside your electronic digital collection and also shows in the area. The moment installed, Songkick scans your unit and also lets you view any time and also in which your best performers are enjoying. Should you view a display you have in mind, you can even purchase seat tickets almost all through inside the app. Create multiple destinations to help Songkick to help hook shows if you are on the road.


Totally free

It seems like only last night that will Instagram ended up being introducing video clip. After that, direct messaging. Now your graphic revealing service that will made you adore filtration provides superior picture modifying features that will allow it to needlessly take on brand names Snapseed. What hasn't altered is the excited user base revealing awesome photographs coming from all over the world.

Autodesk Pixlr

Totally free

Options ever before browsed by means of image-sharing providers and pondered the place that the picture collages originated in, it is likely Pixlr Exhibit. This picture editor can do much more, though: they have a number of consequences and changes that will vary wildly coming from quietly artistic in order to ridiculously bombastic—perfect intended for presenting your current images a touch much more class.


Totally free

If you need much more management as compared to Instagram offers, try Snapseed. This iphone app straddles your range between full-fledged graphic editor and filtration iphone app, nonetheless it provides lots of practical tools for the dining room table. In addition will be how much management that provides around precisely how filtration and consequences are generally put on your current images. Manage a photo by means of Snapseed previous to Instagramming that.


Totally free

For a long period, Vine upon Google android ended up being an shame. Thankfully, those days have (for one of the most part) approved and Google android proprietors can certainly last but not least talk about and luxuriate in six-second video clip works of art without headaches. Completely new features help to make creating sophisticated movies even simpler, and specific signals let you know bankruptcy lawyer las vegas favored Vine users publish one thing fresh.


Totally free

Flickr astonished every person when the venerable picture hosting service released that each consumer would certainly receive a no cost terabyte of hard drive. That bombshell ended up being and then an overall overhaul in order to their Google android iphone app, which combines helpful picture and video clip tools with a lovely program. In addition? It can on auto-pilot back photographs from your phone.

Composing Challenge

$0. 99

Internet writers in search of creativity really should take a look at this specific iphone app, which spits available various writing requires with arranged times. The idea is usually to generate rapidly, and add your tips from the iphone app as they are available. The item probably won't assist you to generate the great American story, although it is just a fun solution to process.


Totally free

Many things are not intended for revealing, and the ones private ideas or even photographs may be saved safely and securely from the Flava diary iphone app. The app's thoroughly clean program invitations speedy enhancements for your ongoing flow of items, along with a exclusive adding program allows you to get items dependant on observe form, your current mood, as well as the elements.

PicsArt Photograph Business

Totally free, $5. 99 for your ad-free type

An Instagram duplicate PicsArt is not. Using plenty of consequences, controls around layers, drawing tools, and collages, PicsArt can certainly handle Photoshop and is just about the greatest picture modifying apps we have seen intended for Google android. When you are looking to carry your current mobile phone pictures to another location stage, find this specific iphone app.

Adobe Photoshop Exhibit 2. 0

Totally free

Although a bit of a beast around the computer, Photoshop Exhibit will be svelte iphone app, with effective tools in order to maximize your current cellular pictures. Sure, it is going to perform your Instagram filtration, almost all enables you to help to make fine-grain changes in order to images with a gorgeous, straightforward program. The item even flawlessly links in order to various other providers intended for revealing.

Top 10 android mobiles under 15000 INR in 2015


There are a variety of android mobiles which are under Rs 15,000. The following list will include only the ones considered to be top ten.The prices of the phone plus their features will be stated.


1.Samsung Galaxy S3 NEO


This is an android phone supporting Android 4.4.4 system.This phone has been made using very fine plastic's dimention is bigger than Grand has a 5-inch TFT display which gives you the ability to use the phone even in is Powered by a 1.2 GHz Quad core processor and has a 1 gb RAM.It comes with 8 gb internal memory which can be xppanded to 64 GB.The camera has a 5 MP primarly auto focus with LED flash and font 0.3 mp VGA camera.This phone can support a dual is retaling at RS 14,010


2.Huawei Honor 3c

It has a 5 inch full HD LCD screen which makes it look more can use the phone in high light supports androidv4.2 jelly bean which can be update to current is surrorted by a 2 gb ram and an extra 8 GB is controlled by 1.3 GHz quad core chip.This phone is retailing at a price of Rs 14,999.

3.Moto G 2nd Generation

This android phone runs on androidv4.4.4 kitkat has a 5-inch HD screen which makes it to have a classy has a 1.2 Quad core chip and a 1 gb has a 8 mp rear camera.It is currently retailing at a price of Rs 12,999.

4.Asus Zenfone 5

It has a 5-inch touch screen with a high HD resolution of 1280 * 720 has a metallic finished body; makes it look awesome when you hold is operating with a high 1.6 GHz intel Atom Z2560 dual core is surported by a 2 gb RAM and has an internal memory of 16 gb.this phone is retailing at Rs 12,999

5.LG L90 Dual

It has a 4.7 inch screen with a miminized frame.the dimention of the phone are 66*131*9.7 .it has an 8 MP rear camera and the font camera is 0.3 is powered by 1.2 GHz quad core processor and a 1 gb is retailing at a price of Rs 14,995

6.Microsoft Lumia 730 Dual Sim

It has a screan of 4.7 inches which is scratch-resistant and can display in bright and vibrant is a windows phone supporting 8.1 windows is powered by a 1.2 GHz quad core Snapdragon has a 1 gb suppports dual sim is retailing at Rs 13,990

7.Sony Xperia C 

This phone operates with the android 4.2.2 has a processor of 1.3 GHz quad core from Media is supported by a 1 GB RAM the internal memory is 4 gb but it is supports dual is retailing at Rs 14,180


8.Smasung Galaxy Grand Prime

This android phone surports 4.4 android has a display of 540*960 is supported by a 1.2 Ghz quad core Snapdragon supports dual sim is retailing at 12,700.

9.HTC Desire 616

This phone supports android 4.2.2 OS .it has a display of 720 * 1280 is surported by Octa-core 1.4 GHz has an internal memory of 4 gb which is has a 1 gb supports dual is retailing at  Rs11,900

10.Black Berry z3

  This phone is supported by a 1.2 GHz dual core Snapdragon has a 1 gb Ram and an internal memory of 8 GB.the screen resolution is 540*960 pixel.this phone is available for a price of 13,790.

How to turn off safe mode on android

How to turn off safe mode on android


The safe mode of android phones is very well the same type of safe mode that is experienced on PCs and therefore by saying this you now have an idea on what you can with your phone when it is in safe mode. There are various scenarios that even when you do not want to turn your phone to safe mode, you do not have any choice but to enable safe mode and some of these scenarios include receiving such messages as enabled safe mode because your device was not functioning properly, enabled safe mode because your device was attacked by virus or even that accidentally enabled safe mode through your device’s hardware buttons. 

Now you know that when your phone goes into safe mode and it boots into that safe mode, you will not be in a position to access any of the apps you had previously installed from the Google Play store since your device will be running on the default android OS that it was purchased with. It will no doubt be a very bad experience and you will surely want to get out of it within the shortest period of time so that your android device can resume its normal operations. If you want to learn all about how you can turn the safe mode off so that your phone can become effective again, you are at the right place as we will let you in on some of the various methods you can use on the different types of android devices.


The regular restart method

The reason we are going to look at the various methods is because there are different types of android devices and not every type of safe mode turn off method will work on all the devices. Having said that, this method of restarting your android device is considered to work on most of the android devices since it is the official way of getting to turn off the safe mode in your phone. It is not only the most official and default method of turning off your safe mode but also the easiest and quickest method and you should therefore always make sure to start with this method before moving to any other method. It is very easy to use this method since you will only have to hold the power button on your android device and then from the list of options that will appear on your phone screen, you should choose the restart option and in some android devices it is called the power off and restart option it is all the same and after clicking on this option you should just wait and once your phone starts, you should be back to your normal mode.

The power and volume combination method

Just in case your android phone failed to exit the safe mode after you used the regular restart method, this should be your next destination since it is considered to work on most of the devices that were not successful with the first method. It is also an easy and successful method as you will only be required to switch off your phone by simply holding the power button and selecting the power off option from the options that will appear in your screen.  The next step should be to hold the power button and at the same time hold the volume up button while your phone boots up. If this does not solve your safe mode problem try using the volume down button when simultaneously holding the power button when booting your device. 

The battery removal method

This is a type of method that puts its emphasis on cutting any power supply to your phone and rebooting it. It is a very efficient method but it is advisable that you first start with the above methods before you finally get to reach to this method. It is also important to note that it will only work on those types of android devices that both a removable back cover and a replaceable battery and therefore you should first check your device for this before you decide on using this method. It is a simple process where you will switch your phone after which you will then remove your battery and let the phone stay like that for 60 seconds, put the battery back to your phone and then start your phone using the power button.

The SIM and battery removal method

There are certain situations that you will find your android device not being able to exit the safe mode from any of the above methods and this is when you should proceed to this method. It is very straight forward since its procedure s just like its name suggests where you will be required to first switch off your phone followed by you removing the battery and then removing the SIM. After doing this and waiting for more or less 60 minutes, you should then put everything back to its place and switch on your phone to see whether it successfully exits the safe mode.

The factory reset method

This should probably be your last option to disabling the safe mode in your android device. The reason this should be the case is because a factory reset is bound to ensure that all your internal data is lost and you do not want to use this as your first method whereas there are other effective methods that can disable the safe mode without you losing your internal data. You should go to your settings appfrom where you should choose the factory data reset and if it is not there you should be able to find it in your privacy section of your settings apps. After the factory reset, you should choose the phone where you will be prompted to erase everything and you should click on that and your device should be able to reset and you will be back to your normal mode after the reset.
There is surely no harm in your phone being on safe mode other than not you being able to use the installed apps from Google play store but if you find your phone in safe mode and you want to disable that the steps you should are highlighted here above and you should follow them in that order.