Clear Facebook Activity Log in Android

Social networks have become an integral part of our lives. These social networks have become a powerful medium to stay connected with our near and dear ones. The Social Media gives us new opportunities to find job and even keeps us updated with the latest news.
Out of all the social networks, Facebook has built up the most prominent place in the market. Now, let’s face the truth, Facebook, like other social media is nothing but a way to gather information and sell it to advertisers. Surely, it gives a cool way to interact with your friends, but the bottom line is that it is devised to gather as much information about you and your friends.
Just like some search engines and email services. Facebook also memorizes users’ search history and provide appropriate suggestions based on their areas of interest. Luckily, it is very much possible to delete all the search history and activity logs.
As you use more and more apps on your android device, it will keep on getting integrated with you Facebook account and it will keep sharing something or the other on your timeline. You can quickly delete your recent activities like articles you have read, music you have listened to, comments posted, games played, etc using your Facebook app for android.
Assuming that you already have Facebook App installed on your Android phone and the phone has active internet connection, here is how you can clear Facebook Activity Log in Android smart phone.
Step #1
Power on your Android phone.
Step #2
Tap the menu button to go to your home screen.
Step #3
Locate and tap the Facebook app.
Step #4
Once opened, enter your credentials and tap on the Log In button to sign-in to your account.
Step #5
After you log in. tap on the search icon (magnifying glass icon) present at the top of the interface.
Step #6
On the RECENTLY SEARCHED window, tap the EDIT icon (icon with gear symbol) to top-right corner.
Step #7
As the Activity Log window opens, locate and tap the Clear Searches option.
Step #8
After the Clear Searches, you will get a confirmation whether delete the recent search history of your Facebook account.
The same process which has been listed above can be followed on the desktop version of your Facebook account. There, you need to access your Facebook account on a computer and in order to delete the Activity Log, follow the same procedures.
Many people still consider that Facebook is saving our personal information for our own benefit. Of late, this fact is losing its relevance. This is Facebook’s endeavor to narrow down the ad results to each individual user.
While deleting your Activity Log on Facebook, is a great place to start with. But still, you cannot remove the history related to your Likes, Comments and Posts as this history remains in the individual categories. While you can’t delete everything from these categories, you can just adjust the viewing permissions to increase the privacy from the prying eyes and suspicious eyes.

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