TIZEN OS || Features||Advantages over Android and iOS

TIZEN OS  Features and Advantages over Android and iOS

Technology is something that abruptly change in such a short time, the bestselling today might be the least selling tomorrow. This is what Tizen OS developers expect in the future. Before, IOS was the largest selling operating system because it was used by the Apple Industry, and the popularity of Apple was very high at that time. Then google launched its Android OS in the market, which snatched the spotlight from IOS. Android became the top grossing OS ever since.

However, other developers are trying to make another OS that would be able to compete with Android and IOS. Firefox launched its Firefox OS which was HTML5 based. Then there was Ubuntu Touch, which allowed a split screen multi-tasking. It was also based on HTML5 code. Another new OS that hoped to compete with the other OS in the market is the Tizen OS, which was supported by the big companies like Intel and Samsung.
Samsung mobiles have been purely dependent on Google’s OS, the Android. And today, it planned to create its own OS and to minimize its dependency on google. The first prototype phone running under Tizen OS received negative effects from those who tired it. Some of the comments made were that there was nothing different from the Tizen OS with that of the Android and the IOS. They have exactly the same features. But the developers promised to improve their new OS before they launched it by the end of this year.

Tizen OS

Advantages of using the Tizen OS

What are the advantages of using the Tizen OS to that of what is already in the market, the Android and IOS? Well, Tizen is an open source operating system. Its main feature is its compatibility with multiple mobile platforms; which means that applications made with the Tizen OS is still compatible and may be launched in other OS like the IOS and Android, with a little code change. This feature of the Tizen OS is very attractive to developers because their application will not only be used by the Tizen market but with the IOS and Android as well. Unlike the android and IOS applications which will only run under those operating systems.
This is also the reason why the Tizen OS developers were very confident that before the launching of the first Samsung Mobile Phone running under Tizen OS, millions of applications will already be available in the market. The confidence of the company is because they know that developers will be attracted with the flexibility of Tizen OS.

Another interesting thing about the new Tizen OS is its extensive personalization capabilities, which is even better than that of Android; it is support by ARM x86 processors; and the very low limits on the development platform of privatization.    Other that those information, there is only little information about the Tizen OS because it has not been officially released in the market, yet. But, developers are expecting to Knock Out the giants like IOS and Android, especially in the Asian countries, by the end of this year when the first Samsung Tizen OS phone is expected to be released.


  • Venkat

    Tizen should be improved to use less Ram, and also screen gestures need to update.. It’s also not better to consume less data need to be controlled in data usage coz as now a days network providers are charging excess on customers. Also about apps size should be lesser which develop in Tizen. This would be more benift to all users like middle class people.