TIZEN OS || Features||Advantages over Android and iOS

Technology is changing every day and what seems the best selling thing today might not be sold at all in near future.None of the OS developed by any company are going to stay the best forever and new & better OS will overtake them.

Tizen OS is one of the OS which is developed to rule the market for long. Earlier iOS by Apple was launched & it ruled the market for a long time but Apple devices being expensive could not reach a height. It was soon replaced by another OS , Android OS launched by Google and today most of the market is covered with Android.

Meanwhile in the competitions of companies to launch new and better  Operating  System, Firefox has also launched based on HTML5.  Another OS which came up to give competition was Ubuntu Touch that allows to work on multiple screens at a time by splitting the screen. It was also HTML5 based.

Tizen OS gets support for development from top companies like Samsung and Intel. Developing Tizen OS was Samsung’s motive to develop  its own OS for it’s devices to reduce dependency on Google’s Android OS. But it did not turn up with any new feature different from Android OS or iOS.

Tizen OS

Advantages of using Tizen OS

  • It is an open source Operating System
  • The OS is Compatible with various mobile platform. Application built on Tizen can be launched on iOS and Android too with few changes.
  • The Tizen OS is so  Flexible to offer many applications and adapt too, with little changes
  • Immense personalization capability supported by ARM x86 processor

It was supposedly thought of as Tizen OS will replace giant OS market of Android & iOS but it did not turn so. Tizen is being used in many Samsung mobile devices today but it could not replace Android & iOS completely.


  • Venkat

    Tizen should be improved to use less Ram, and also screen gestures need to update.. It’s also not better to consume less data need to be controlled in data usage coz as now a days network providers are charging excess on customers. Also about apps size should be lesser which develop in Tizen. This would be more benift to all users like middle class people.