Best Offline Maps for Android/Iphone

Are you searching for best Offline Maps for your android and Iphone then you are at right place.Our ancestor use to navigate with the help of the stars in the night. But things have changed now, bad for our forefathers they didn’t have GPS what we do. Now since the Android OS has been released its been gaining popularity and we can’t forget about iPhone , now can we? So you might have understood already that I’m going to talk about GPS apps in this article and the best of-course. Wouldn’t it be marvelous if we could use those maps free?

best  offline  maps  for android iphone

Here are the best offline Navigation apps that you’ll find for your Android and iPhone or iPad.


Now this is one was first available only for iPhone or iPad but now also available for Android. The best thing is you can use it offline. To do that you’ll need to download map files to your device when you use it for the very first time. The free version of it allows to download ten map files which is not bad at all. And there’s more, it even supports spoken directions.It allows you to navigate to locations by address or by searching a point you’re looking for on the database.

Google Maps

We’re all familiar with Google Maps ,now aren’t we? Yes another off Android GPS apps that allows you to find maps offline. For that it has to download a map to the device. But you can’t search while being offline or navigate but you can view the map that has been downloaded .


Well this one is similar to the one that we’ve introduced to you at the beginning. Its uses the similar features as the Osm which uses OpenStreetMap data.

So there you have it,but those aren’t only offline maps that you can find, there’s more of it. But those are amongst the best offline map that you can easily find and install to your Android device or iPhone.