Best Apps to Lock Apps on iPhone

In our technological society, we know that people have stolen identities and credit information on a regular basis. It is easy for thieves to find a way to use the information on androids and iPhones. Off course, there are ways to prevent this from happening and give you a peace of mind. There are apps now for iPhones that use password protection or fingerprint sensor to protect private information.

iProtect Free

iProtect Free app lets you store your useful information offline on your device. It supports locking using password.

It supports various category & sub categories view and you can choose the view which best seems to organize your files & folders and provide an integrated search in each category & sub category.

Photo & Video Locker – Hide pictures, Hide Videos

Photo & Video Locker – Hide pictures , Hide Videos app allows the user to protect their photos & videos from anyone spying on them by moving it to Photo Locker folder. It not only moves the photos & videos safely but also encrypt them without changing the quality of the image or video. The folder can be accessed only using the pin entered by the user of the device. Additional feature available in this app is it automatically locks the folder if you forget to do so once your iphone goes to sleep mode. Thus, saving  your photos & videos  from evil eyes. Not only this you can re save the photos & videos back to gallery as easily as you locked them.

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Secret Folder Icon FREE

Secret Folder Icon Free App helps the user of iOS devices – iphone or ipads to save the most important asset in their devices -the pictures & the videos. It provides security by locking the pictures & videos using 4 digits alphanumeric password or pattern. Any one trying to access the folders is captured by the front camera of the device. Isn’t that an awesome feature. The Secret folder Icon  app is one of the most used apps for securing private data on the iOS devices.

Folder Lock App for iPhone

This app has an advanced security system to keep people from uncovering private and personal information. The perks of this app is not only by using password protection but it uses a fingerprint sensor for the iOS device which protects all the information on it. It also protects photos, videos, contacts, passwords, locations downloads, audio, and even secret messages.   The major flaws with the app are passcodes cannot be recovered. The other problem is the original call log from contacts, email’s, Facetime or messaging has to be deleted by hand. The surveillance and anti-intruder system is great simple because if a non authorized person tries to enter the passcode wrong three times will cause the iPhone to erase all data and automatically panic system switches to another app. There is a free version to try without purchasing the complete version. This app will give the security needed and at the same time a peace of mind.

 AppLocker Apps for iPhones

This is a useful password app lock that can be added to the iPhone. The cost is reasonable because it is only $0.99 to purchase from the Apple App Store. The AppLocker also can be used while other apps are running. This app you want to protect the information from the multitasking tray which will prompt automatically a password while launching another app for something else. This can prevent other people from tapping on the iPhone icons and protects your personal data. This feature can also be used to lock important folders that you might not want anyone else to see or know about. The AppLocker is the best when it comes to locking apps since it can be done individually.

Secrets Apps Lite

Secrets Apps Lite is a universal app that can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store that is supported by Apple. The cost of this app is free from the iTunes App Store. If you do not what wandering eyes from viewing important files or folders along with photos then this app is what you need for that added security. A PIN of pattern lock is used to keep those notes, contact list and photos in a secure place. A nice feature that this app has available on the iPhone it provides a full security log of the attempts a person trying to get to the information along with a photo of the perpetrator.


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