Best Apps to Download Hindi Bollywood Songs

We all love listening to music , but the question is how to download our favorite Hindi Bollywood songs on our android devices ? There are numerous apps to download for all genres of music. Music is part of everyone’s life as a form of relaxation, meditation, listening while exercising or to work with a beat. We are able to listen to our favorite music by just downloading an app to the android or electronic device.

Lets have a look at the  best android apps to download Hindi Bollywood songs which can  be found on the Google Play Store.

Wynk Music: for  MP3 & Hindi Bollywood songs:

An app exclusive for airtel users-  with unlimited options which serves almost the taste of every music lover is this single app “Wynk Music App”. This app has a hugs collection of songs including not only Bollywood Hindi  & Hollywood songs but other flavors of music like  Pop, Rock, Bhangra, Devotional, Emotional, Romantic, Party songs along with immense collection of  Ghazals for ghazal lovers.

It also have collection for regional category music like  Punjabi,Tamil ,Bhojpuri, Rajasthani, Marathi, Bengali, Kannada, Gujarati, Telugu, and Malayalam songs.

This app provides offline access to the music library even without being connected to internet.

Airtel users can create their own playlist and run it whenever they feel like listening to their favorite songs.

Additionally their is an option to play music in HD quality or High/medium/ regular quality depending on user’s choice.

All the user is charged is Rs 99/ month and provided unlimited download facility. User can subscribe and access the Wynk music for first month of subscription.

Isn’t that wonderful offer ? Subscribe and download all your favorite music  from here & play off line whenever your mood feels to listen them.

Mp3 Music Download :

Mp3 Music Download is one of the best music apps available for android user to download songs of your choice.

You just have to download the app from Google Play store . After you download the app, you can search your favorite Bollywood songs , download them for free and play whenever you want .

The best thing about Mp3 music download app is that it not only provide you free music download but also the download speed available in twice as any other app. Isn’t that great !

Download from Google Play store.

Saavn Music & Radio App :

Saavn Music & Radio App is all in one music Hub for Hindi Bollywood , Hollywood as wells as Indian Regional songs collection.

The Saavan  app is for android, smart phones and tablets where the listener can chosoe from different languages music. The app lets the listener choose from the popular top hits or from the radio. Unfortunately, the radio does not have the capability like the FM channel for streaming music videos.

Saavn Music & Radio  app provides access to newest released tracks to old tracks which are hard to find in any other portal. Saavn music app also gives user  the capability to play music on demand and also users can create Playlist of their choice & also share the playlist to their friends .Saavn Radio broadcasts musical shows and concerts running across the globe and keeps the user updated of their favorite musical stars where abouts.

So, the question is how much does one get charged for the services provided by the Saavn app

You can download Saavn Pro from Google Play store. All it charge you is Rs. 99 in India.

Each subscribed user can access account in 5 different devices and download unlimited amount of music each month and listen it offline. The app will get auto renewed each month but you can turn off automatic subscription to avoid any chances of getting money deducted from your account if you do not want to continue using the app or do not want to download any more music. The app also provides free trial period for each of the subscribed user.

Subscribe  now, get free trial &  listen to your favorite music for free.

Download now from Google Play store.

Music download mp3:

Music download app is one such app which every music lover should try as it does not have any restriction on the downloads you can do. The app provide you great streaming and downloads options.

All you have to do is to search the songs name and there you are with the available songs at just a click of search button.

Other additional feature available  is to see the lyrics of the songs along with the music. Now,music lovers can also sing songs along with listening to music.

But the disadvantage of this app is that you need an active internet connection to search or download music. This app does not run offline as many other music apps available on Google play store for listening or downloading music.

Download from Google Play store.

Gaana: Bollywood & Hindi Songs

When we are talking about music apps and if it comes to Bollywood, we cant leave the most famous app nowadays in India specially amongst youth –“The Gaana App”. 

The Gaana App offers huge library (around 10 million songs) Indian Bollywood & Regional songs with an access to Radio mirchi and Hollywood tracks as well. There are pre-defined playlists created by music experts available for user access. User can also search by name of Artist and corresponding tracks related to search will be displayed.

User can subscribe to Gaana plus for Rs 99 per month (within India) or $3.99 per month (outside India) which is auto renewed every month which can be turned off from Google play store settings.

User can download unlimited songs per month and can listen off line whenever desired.

Download from Google Play store.

Samsung Free Anroid App (download bollywood songs and hindi music)

Guvera is the most popular free android music app which give the ability to save the song in your phone.It was founded in 2010 ,currently it has more than half a million users.
It has the following features
1. Offers streaming music
2. Personalised playlists
3. Ability to share tracks with friends
4. Save songs for offline play
5. It is totally FREE!!
 This official website might be slow,please refresh the page if it does not load
This also have an online radio station that allows people to download songs by streaming onto androids or smart phones, but it can also be done on many other electronic devices like the Mp3 player.  Their app is easy to download for people to use and it is free. Furthermore, people that use the app can  listen to their songs from different languages without any limit.  This genre of music will include; Hindi, Sanskrit, Meditation lyrics, and other playlist the individual enjoys listening to while relaxing.

Hindi Songs & Bollywood Music App 

The Hindi Songs and Bollywood music app helps user to search playlist, re shuffle and play it back on Android.The app is so awesome that it allows you to receive call and play music from the point you had left listening. The app also had an option to share the Hindi songs music with other people on social media. Isn’t that a great feature to share your emotions via songs to your loved ones.

There are three others that can be considered to be the best android apps to download favorite Hindi music or songs are the Hungama android app. The Hungama app has one of the largest music libraries from around the world. This also covers Bollywood, Tamil, Punjabi, Meditation, Devotional, Popular Regional or International music based solely on the listener’s mood. Today connect with other music lovers with the same genre interest or favorite Hindi songs by downloading any of these free apps. They are easy to download and be made into Mp3 versions so that the favorite Hindi songs can played on other electronic devices.



The Dhingana app for an android phone is considered to be the number one choice for listening Indian, Hindi and Bollywood music for free. The app has a feature that allows the listener to search for music using not only the song’s title, but by using the playlist, the name of the album, the name of the singer or the actor that sings the song. The feature gives the choice to play all or shuffle their popular Hindi, Ghazals, Sanskrit, Marathi, popular remixes, meditation, pop, and many other unique genres for free to the listener. The app is user friendly for downloading the latest in Hindi film music also for free.