Best app to download free movies on android

Here are the best ways for free movie downloads for android mobile ,it includes some free movie apps list to download Hollywood and Bollywood movies in 2016

Please follow all the steps do not skip any step and let me know in comment section if you face any problem.

[Article Update] : I have removed all the illegal android apps due to my user’s complains , they were facing issue like unwanted ads,slowness and installation of unwanted programs. Most of the free downloading movie apps are not recommended , either these free apps will steal your information or install some adware/malware ,hopefully you have got why those apps are free.I have mentioned the list of apps which are free but have legal license.

Currently we have the best free apps to download the movies on your android and iPhone.

1. MoviePass   (Licensed)

If you have small budget (2.99$ ) this is the best option for you.It was launched in 2012 and till date it has more than 2.3 million members, you can stream/download movies from any mobile and PC, you have to pay 2.99$ per month , watch any no of movies any no of times with no bandwidth limit. Create a huge collection of movies on your computer,mobile or portable and watch them anywhere. Movie quality is super HD  and is dedicated for streaming and watching movies on almost any device . This membership is available for all the countries.

Benefits :

Works on any device Android / Iphone / Ipad / Laptop

Unlimited Downloading/streaming

High Quality Movies Directly on your mobile

Direct, convenient and unlimited easy access 24/7!

Go here to receive instant access to movie downloads

With this service, you get instant access to a world of cinema. Thousands of Movies online, any genre to suit your mood.

– Faster-than-ever download times: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!
– Access hard-to-find films not in stores & build your own portable film library!
– Cherish the classics you loved over and over again in DVD Quality

Go here to enjoy movie downloads on your mobile 

From the silver screen to the small screen to your screen: this is an unlimited service that offers quality and quantity in equal measure.

2.   Amazon Free Movies app for 30 days  :

Recently Amazon has launched an app for  their Amazon prime video program.This Amazon app can be downloaded on any android phone ,you have to login to your amazon account and  if you don’t have any prime membership you can get 30 days free membership here.

The Amazon prime application is easily available and the best part is it provides access to all the movies. One of the good features is it is free for first thirty days when you can enjoy unlimited amount of movies. Amazon maintains a list of its potential client. So, at the end of 30th day, Amazon will demand a membership form you.
This app provides you extra privileges too. As long as you have the membership of this app, you can enjoy unlimited two days delivery for your every order on Amazon. This application has a huge collection of 40000 movies . So, there is a very nominal chance of you not finding a movie.
Just next to the theaters, all the latest movies are uploaded on this app for the viewers and the subscribers. Moreover, if you are interested in songs and downloading pictures, there are millions of songs and pictures which you can easily download as well.
Amazon Prime has always got an amazing appreciation on social media, you can easily access yourself to this prime offer of videos on Facebook and Twitter.
For people who love to listen to songs, it has a brilliant collections of songs. You can even customize your playlist according to the taste of your music.
Another brilliant feature of the Amazon Prime is that you can save photos and watch them through any device. It provides unlimited storage space to save the pictures and the music.

Features :

1.      Amazon app is completely free for 30 days.

2.      More than 200,000 movies /TV shows are available.

3.      Provide best quality HD/SD version of movies and shows

Watch this video “How to enjoy amazon movies on android and Iphone”

So Start your free Amazon Prime membership

Extra Benefits of Amazon prime:

1.      If you signup for 30 days amazon prime membership you will also get 30 days unlimited music streaming completely free. It gives you unlimited, ad-free access to over a million songs and hundreds of custom-built playlists.

2.      You will get free shipping option on amazon shopping.

3.      Free unlimited photo storage in Amazon Cloud Drive.

4.      500,00 free Ebooks


Amazon app is exceptionally straight forward and the most ideal approach to watch and download movies and TV shows on your mobile and PC.It is unrestricted and completely free of expense and if you want to continue after your free trial you can pay 99$ per year.

Join Amazon Prime – Watch Movies & TV Shows Anytime – Start Free Trial Now

Note: To avoid the Fake users registration and multiple usage for free trial Amazon will ask you to enter your unique card no, No money will be deducted for 30 days trial,you can buy the subscription plan as per your need after 30 days otherwise your account will be deactivated.

Here are 3 easy steps to start watching movies on your android /iPhone mobiles

1. Create a free account on Amazon Prime (create here)

2. Download the mobile app from Amazon app store

3. Enjoy for 30 days for free.

3. Wynk Movies App (only for India users)

Before getting into the finer details of the app, first let us discuss about the prominent features which is supported by the app:
• Chrome-cast ready: Cast your favorite videos from your phone to your TV.
• No buffering: Since the video quality automatically adapts to the network speed, it reduces both the buffering and the related suffering.
• Genres like Comedy, Drama, Action, Thriller, Kids, etc., are available.
• Multi-device access: Uses single sign-on to access the best of entertainment on up to 5 devices.
• Allows you to resume your movie or TV show from wherever you left.
• Allows you to download your favorite content and watch it offline anytime you want.
Since, the mobile and data bandwidth in India has gone up to 4G technology, the e service providers are very much convinced that the network will become better and consumers will start to use more videos app like Wynk Movies.
The app features a wide range of collection to the Bollywood Movie lovers. The collection on this app keeps on adding a lot of new releases to the collection and it adds appeal to them who end up watching everything that releases.
Wynk movies features a dozen of Regional Indian Language and have different movie titles in those languages too. For those who love daily soaps on television, Sony LIV has been integrated to this app which shows all the comedy and the daily serials which is getting featured on TV.
The UI of this app is simple and very user friendly. The app has a pre-defined resolution and Full HD resolution is available on the larger screens of the portable Android devices.
The subscription plan range starts from Rs. 199 to Rs. 249 with some other daily plans. I has other aggregator and metered plans which can be used to view around twenty movies in a month.This is a perfect app for those die-hard Bollywood fans who have a very deep love for movies and want to carry their passion in their portable devices.

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  • tarun singh

    Movies direct is good as compared to others

  • Den Watsons

    You can use ArkMC to download movies from the various servers,like WMP, NAS, or Serviio.

    • Ruksen

      ArkMc doesn’t work with android and Iphone.This article is all about downloading movies on android

      • Den Watsons

        ArkMC is available on both platforms and allow to download movies from various servers giving an ability to playback them and stream.

      • Den Watsons

        It works on one of them, yes on Android or iOS platform, but can be a Server on one of them.

  • Greg

    I have tried Movies Direct,really its awesome.but the only problem is that its website is having very old design.anyway i have to download movies nothing to do with the website design.Its working fine for me.

  • Franscis

    I like the amazon movies app . my brother used it for 2 months for free as he was having 2 credit cards.

  • mitasha gupta

    What are other app to download movie? Only 2 are mentioned. .

  • Tammy

    I have used amazon movie app its pretty nice.

  • Rahul

    Awesome movies app, just loving it.