Best Apps to download free movies on android

Here are the best ways for free movie downloads for android mobile ,it includes some Android apps list to download movies

Sometimes, we just simply need hassle-free and efficient way to download movies on our Android mobile. Now you can conveniently download free hollywood and bollywood movies on your Android phone with these best and incredibly amazing ways, with some Android apps.

Warning : Keep in mind that in most of the country downloading movies on android phones without any license is not a legal process . Do it at your own risk or you can enjoy the Amazon Free Movies app for 30 days option mentioned below.

Following are the 4 ways to download movie on android phone/Iphone/PC


1. Movies Direct   (Licensed)

If you have small bugdet (2.99$ ) this is the best option for you.This website was launched in 2012 and till date it has more than 2.3 million members, you can stream/download movies from any mobile and pc, you have to pay 2.99$ per month , watch any no of movies any no of times with no bandwidth limit. Create a huge collection of movies on your computer,mobile or portable and watch them anywhere. Movie quality is super HD  and is dedicated for streaming and watching movies on almost any device . This membership is available for all the countries.   

Benefits :

Works on any device Android / Iphone / Ipad / Laptop

Unlimited Downloading/streaming

Fully Licensed

No Hardware/Software Required
Enjoy It From Any Location!



2. Amazon Free Movies for 30 days : (Free)

Amazon is offering a free 30 days trial for movies lovers ,its a very simple and the best way to watch and download movies and TV shows on your mobile and pc,Instantly watch over 40,000 movies and TV episodes with titles for everyone,its unlimited and totally free of cost and after 30 days if you don't like to continue just discontinue at any time without paying a single penny , In this program you can even enjoy the latest released movies , everyday more than 10000 users are enjoying this free subscription.Its a limited and free offer so you should try it once,this offer also includes unlimited FREE Two-Day Shipping on millions of items with no minimum order size. click below for free trial.

Note : As you know big brand like amazon will not offer a free trial account just by registering a email id. To avoid multiple free trial usage you need to registered with your credit /debit card  but amazon will not deduct any money,it is just to avoid fake user accounts.

Join 30 days free Amazon Prime - Watch Over 40,000 Movies  


3. Android Apps to download Movies : (Free)

We strongly recommed you to use above mentioned way to download and stream movies on your android phone , there is not a single android app which have the license to provide the movies downloads but here is the list of some unauthorized android apps useful to download movies on Android phone.
Any Movie Downloader : - you can use this app to instantly download the movie that you desire and watch it directly on your phone. This is considered to be the best app for downloading movies of your choice on your Android Phone. You can avail it by clicking below.

Movies by Flixster : Download Anything,just provide the link and you can start downloading.Here you can actually download anything you want, just as long as you can provide the link, then you can start downloading instantly. Click this link right away and experience the best movies on your fingertips

download Flixter Android App

Video Downloader :  Makes you able to save internet video files. It pretends to be a video player. However, it saves the videofile instead of playing it.  It is supposed to appear when your device asks you to choose a video player. If you choose "Video downloader", the device will download a video file. You can access downloaded files using the "Downloads" application. Video Downloader appears for http video links only.The application doesn't contain any adware any more.

4. Direct Watch Movie online : (Free)

Here is another way to watch movies right on your Android phone, and even on Windows Phone and iPhone. You simply get a grab and utilize Crackle.

Crackle : You can switch on the full-strength Crackle app on your Android phone by simply just downloading the free Crackle app. You can now enjoy free movies at your heart’s content, including the TV series that you don’t want to miss and award-winning films of your favorite artists. Grab the Crackle Originals app now and watch uncut and unedited movies whenever time of the day and wherever you like it with your mobile phone. Simply search the word 'Crackle' in the Android Market. It is highly recommended for Android 2.2+ with Flash 10.1+ and available only in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia.
Here is the download Link for Crackle

With all these 4 amazing ways on how to download for your favorite movies, you can now simply set back and relax. All you need to worry about is what apps to choose from among the  best ways to download. Enjoy all breathe-taking actions of your favorite movies on your phone, anywhere you like it and anytime you want it

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