Though mobile phones are updating day by day with the advancement of technology in its form feature, style security and application people around the world always look for something new. The leading companies are working with their techno experts something newer and greater.


Android 4.4


Google has announced its next developer conference – Google IO-The Android 4.4 Kit Kat is expected to be released in last quarter of this year with major software improvements and features. The Android 4.3 Jelly Bean has already knocked smart phones,which was released on 24 July 2013 with minor adjustments and brought a few features to the Android OS. However, the Android 4.4 release date is estimated for October 2013. So it’s not unreasonable to expect to see Android 4.4 at this year’s event.

Wireless Charging:

Battery LOW!! – An alert that causes pain to every mobile user. One side we can surf internet, play games and send/receive files wirelessly anywhere anytime. Moreover, there comes a negative side too when “Battery Low” alert gets popped up, it signifies – well it’s time to take out power cord and look for a power socket.

It might be too early to expect this feature in 2013, However in future mobiles we can surely expect Wireless charging feature to make sure your device remains cordless all the time and let your movements more than your charger’s cord length.



keep it away from water” Almost every electronics device contain this caution. Majority of mobile users have been victim of this problem and are expecting for some serious solutions to overcome this problem. The leading mobile phones manufactures are working to come up with user’s expectations. Hope this year, we might see a better solution.
P2i, HzO and Liquipel are all competing for commercial clients interested in making their laptops and mobile phones fully submersible.



Dustproof, Mobile Phone for use in any outdoor environment. The dustproof phone is here to stay . That means you can drop it, throw it,  and it’ll still come out in perfect shape. So next time you need a tough mobile handset on the construction site, while climbing Mountain, look to the Fortis.


It has said several times that a few of mobile makers are thinking about fingerprint security. Eye retina scan makes the extreme security to the device as these kind of locks never open without users eye scan or finger print.

High Resolution mobile screen:


It is expected that upcoming mobile phones will be more of resolution. Samsung, Sony, HTC and other leading companies are working with it. It is predicted that Samsung will use a laser-based LITI production method to manufacture the higher-resolution display panel in there mobile later, which might make its debut in the upcoming Galaxy S4 handset.
In sort of it is expected that mobile phones will get the highest dignity by adding many amazing features. But what will actually come? We have to wait to get answer for this.