Send mobile phones from USA to India


Shipping mobile phone to India from USA is a very easy task keeping in mind the customs regulations of  both the countries making transactions. If one wish to import mobile phones from country like USA to India they can use courier services like Fedex, DHL, UPS etc.If the same import  is for the basis of running a business the person should have an Import Export Code for the item to be imported(mobile phones here)because all the transactions made overseas are to be shown in the bill books.



So there are some useful tips to be kept in mind while you are shipping a mobile phone to India from USA

The Customs Department will also charge the product (mobiles )with a Duty Fees as applicable to the devices by comparing the price with the Indian price of the same or similar products and accordingly add the Duty Fees. Hence the overall cost increases but you have to see that whether even after adding the duty fees the product is being delivered to you at a price less than the Indian price of the product

Only mobile phone with IMEI(International Mobile Equipment Identity can be shipped to India. The IMIE of the phone can be checked by dialing *#06# from the mobile

So while shipping mobiles from USA to India, USA’s policy for exporting mobile phones should also be kept in mind since the country restrict the shipping of some of the latest models. It can be checked from the customs authority of USA

Another important thing is to pay the customs excise tax. Currently in India the custom excise tax for any mobile entering India is 5 percent of mobile’s cost and can be paid by the one receiving the mobile.

One more interesting thing for the people who want to send mobile phones as gift to India that the parcel marked as GIFT during shipment then there will be no actual verification if this was really a gift or not and if the price of the mobile phone is less than Rs10,000 then there won’t be any duty fees on it. 

The seller should keep this in mind that the mobile phone marked as gift is not shipped with the invoice otherwise the mobile will be liable for duty fees.

If you want the mobile phones to be delivered fast and hassle-free, use DHL/Fedex/UPS if they’re available as shipping options with comparatively higher shipping costs and taxes which sometimes may not be included in the price as it depends upon the Customs office of India.

While making the shipment of mobiles to India you will like to do it at a cheaper price and with the most reliable services.

So the tips for you in order to select the best ways to send mobile to india from US  are given:

UPS(USA Postal Service)

If your business only ships small packages occasionally, the U.S. Postal Service(UPS)is probably the most affordable shipping option for packages  whose weight is less than 2 pounds.

DHL Courier Service

DHL  is a division of Deutsche Post DHL, a worldwide firm which connects more than 220 countries and territories worldwide.

FedEx courier services

FedEx is the fastest courier service with next day overseas delivery

Whether one make mobile shipping to India from US using any of the above courier services one need to have the following documents in hand .

  • Air waybill :- This is a shipping label which you can either create manually or get it prepared from FedEx Ship Manager  with an electronic shipping solution. This label is mandatory for all international shipments.
  • Electronic Export Information:- This data was earlier termed as Shipper’s Export Declaration is a must for any shipment worth equal to more than $2000 from  Puerto Rico, the U.S. or the U.S. Virgin Islands to any other country . Additional filling fee and other charges are applicable.
  • Commercial Invoice:-  This is one of most important document to be used by custom officials. It acts as support to all the other documents held with the package. This document is mandatory for any purchase above 1 USD.
  • Pro Formo Invoice : It is similar to actual invoice but it does not claim payment in it.
  •  Packaging List:- This document provides the exact count & type of products being shipped along with weigh & volume of shipment duly signed. This is helpful for the shipping company for reserving the required space for it.
  •  Certificate of Origin:- This certificate is required with the shipment and states the country where product was manufactured, used for tariff purpose. this certificate has to be validated by local commercial chamber.
  •  Price List: This document gives details of products being shipped in shipment with total price of shipment and price per product being sent as part of  shipment.
  •  Purchase Order:- This is a document which is given by buyer to seller commercially stating terms of purchase, type, quantity and price  of products being purchased.
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