Samsung Galaxy s4 Best Features

Usually avoid to use expressions and epithets like “best” and the like, especially when writing about mobile phones, computers and other gadgets where several equally good and powerful companies are constantly fighting about their products can carry quite the epithet. But since Samsung has “extracted” Galaxy S4 at a gala ceremony at Radio City Hall in New York, we so no other, could not remain indifferent and does not use epithets that mentioned above you will avoid whenever possible. But not now, and here’s why.

Samsung Galaxy S4 looks great on first sight. Well, maybe not metal have some models from competitors or ultra-fine finish on the iPhone, but it is not in the plans and policies that Samsung remained consistent in their design of high quality plastic with excellent detail and finish. Also, Samsung Galaxy S4 is great. Really big, something between the largest mobile phone that you have seen and tablet. And it can be different when the screen is only 5 inches filled with 441 pixels per inch, and a total resolution 1920h1080 or full HD. Seen from the side that looks just a screen on it is 7.9 mm thin and weighs 130 grams which is quite a bit of this size.

Here is the video link!

What they found is below the screen is another story. The Samsung as a hardware company “hobby” and innovation and new technologies, do not expect any less, but this really causes WOW effect. Two times in a quad processor (a total of 8 cores) with a speed of 1,6 GHz as previously we met through mobile devices affectionately call them smartphones. If it is to add the 2nd GB working memory are getting ready combination for virtually every task that you will get the software or any part of the auxiliaries of the phone. Before we move them here just to mention memory storage which ranges from 16 up to 64 gigabytes, plus memory card with as much – 64 gigabytes. For graphical operations charge is a separate processor Power VRSGX 544MP3, and the device still has an accelerometer, compass, barometer, gyroscope and other sensors with series that follows your view, but it afterwards.

Camera or rather the cameras that can work together is another novelty from Samsung and function that we never knew love, until we presented. The back is 13 megapixel camera which can record and image with the front that has an impressive 2 megapixel and also combines video footage and photos of the one that has an image. The quality of the images can be maximum 4128h3096 pixels, while video is full HD resolution. Footage and pictures can be geo-target while sensors allow the detection of a smile, time and background against which they can later be grouped into albums.

But this is just the beginning of a list of novelties and features offered by the Samsung Galaxy S4. Move on. Phone even before they appear spread the rumor that he will be able to control with respect to the movement of the eyes. Although perhaps not to the maximum implemented this feature yet in this story look plays quite an important role. For example, when watching the video if you opt-screen view of the video is paused, and when you look again resumes playback material. Also with the help of the view you will be able to “scroll” through the pages, and what will succeed Prof. and do regard you with gestures. With gestures. There is no need even to touch the screen if you want something to move left or right, it is sufficient to move the hand in this direction, above the screen and the operation is complete.

Samsung Galaxy S4 course 9 languages and no problem translating from and to each of them. Built translator will help you find your way in a new environment in which some of the most commonly used languages are spoken in the world that are supported here. Also of course, when I talk and talk, and the combination of these two features makes polyglot because you cannot go native language (if it is one of those 9 do now immediately catch on India), and phone instead you start to speak (and write) to the other language. A and obedient. Your every voice command that refers to any of its functions will be respected and carried out immediately.

Hands on – video link

And so we still many pages to write if “dive” deeper into the functions. But it neither has a place, nor have the time. Just going to say that all functions and “commander” who listens to the latest hardware Android 4.2.2 or Jelly Bean whose hallmark give their services and functions of the Samsung that you are welcomed at the home screen. For this to work requires energy. And if it was not optimized necessity, would require a lot of energy, like this, it is enough built-in Li-ion battery with a capacity of 2,600 mAh which will provide long-term use, which normally is not yet defined because the phone when we write this is “old” just a few hours .

Finally they least expect to find it in the Samsung Galaxy S4, which is that it can no problem to use it as a remote control. Through infrared sensor and application Samsung promises things and devices that are not manufactured by them.

And literally end – competition, apologize and accept compassion, but Samsung Galaxy S4 is here and it is so powerful and complete that just better not.