If you believe in tweets of employees in Microsoft, and great new applications expected this week. Last week was finally ported music service Pandora, but the appetite of Windows Phone does not stop there.

Instagraph: Excellent replacement for Instagram on Windows Phone 8

Windows Phone users are being deprived of the use of the popular Instagram application and did not notice if it had appeared on the mobile operating system. We have an alternative for you …

Instagraph is an application that is already installed on the Windows Phone Store and should become available for download within 48 hours. Until Instagram does not resolve on its own version of Windows Phone, this is the best alternative in the market.

Instagraph allows you to upload your photos on Instagram, a quick and easy way. If you have an account, you can log in his application and get started. Unfortunately, at the moment does not offer Instagraph create new profiles on Instagram, but this functionality will be added in the future.

One downside is that the application cost 2.49 dollars to cover the cost of developers working on it. The second disadvantage is that, for now, you can only upload 3 photos a day, in order not to overload the application server. As you join multiple servers, you will be allowed to attach a greater number of images.

With the included photo editor Azure, you can “beautification” images with filters before you attach – just like in the original application. You need to decide whether it is worth paying 2.49$ for something that is free on other platforms.

After a long wait: Viber on Windows Phone

Currently, Viber application for Windows Phone OS is a real disappointment. The whole point is to Viber phone calls over the Internet, which now can not do on Windows Phone …

According to the CEO of Viber, Talmon Marco, all this should change soon. Users of Windows Phone, instead of full Viber application, now use a special version called Viber Messenger – through which, as its name suggests, can only send messages.

By the end of the week, the full version of Viber is supposed to be available to Windows Phone users. Marco says the new version has been given to audit Microsoft, so just wait for official approval to be found in the Windows Store.

What is encouraging is that the application will not “discriminate” phones, that will be available for all phones right from the start.


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