iphone 5 vs samsung s4

Iphone 5 vs Samsung s4


With iPhone 5, Apple has finally reached the features that Android devices had an advantage over American company – larger display, 4G LTE networking, and improved camera, a compact phone with IOS 6.

samsung S4 vs iphone 5

Top landmark improvement in the new iPhone is increased with retina display panel, which however can not be measured with a huge HD displays that are part of the devices from the competition. Whether and how this difference will be important however will depend on the individual user experience. What Apple wins is the fact that the iPhone 5 is indeed the thinnest and lightest of the powerful smart phone.

A6 processor that Apple claims will double the speed and twice the graphics power is not so significant advantage as it once was. In fact, these processors are already used in some of the devices from Samsung, and if the games you primary motive for buying the iPhone 5, then you may be attracted by the fact that their App Store has a huge number of titles

Although no official information about the Galaxy S4 does, it is clear that this phone will be even faster and better than its predecessor and recent rumors that have been published on GSM Arena revealed that we can expect a fantastic hardware. Thus, if these rumors prove to be true, the Galaxy S4 should have a screen diagonal of 4.99 inches (S3 model has a 4.8-inch display) resolution of 1920×1080 pixels, with a density of up to 441 pixels per inch (screen iPhone 5 has a density of 326 pixels per inch) resolution camera with 13 MP sensor and 2GHz quad-core processor, which should provide fast execution of operations on the phone. Although these are just rumors, it should be noted that the top part of next year’s models have a 5-inch Full HD screen, and as the Samsung Galaxy S models are the very top of the smart phone market, to assume that the S4 come with this screen.

In comparison, the prices of the top achievements of competition as Samsung is Samsung Galaxy s3 Galaxy Nexus HTC One X, with some operators can be found for half the price, and the differences in performance are negligible, and in some cases favor of Android devices. But if you decide to Android, keep in mind that to get the full potential of this operating system, you should not buy cheap phones.