How to Hide Apps in Android

Best Ways on How to Hide Apps in Android

We consider our mobile devices such as the phone our personal belongings. And there are times that we want some privacy on certain apps and games that we installed on it. Along with the innovations of our hi-tech gadgets, modern features and platforms were also built on it such as Android that enables every user the convenience and satisfaction guaranteed manipulation. From communicating to downloading, from viewing to modifying and even up to deactivating or hiding is made possible. Now you can actually hide apps in Android by simply following these simple steps on how to hide apps in Android.

Some phones are not touch wiz supported such as SGS3, so it needs to be installed with a third party launcher to enable this task. There is a popular app available in Google Play Store for free and this is called the Go Launcher Ex. To install this app in order to make it a default home screen launcher, you have to follow these easy steps before you can hide apps in your Android.

  1. You need to log in to Google Play Store
  2. Then you scan for the QR code to install Go Launcher Ex app

Hide Apps in Android

3. You can still automatically search for Go Launcher Ex app in your Android phone through Google Play Store even if you don’t have a Barcode Scanner app

4. Now install the Go Launcher Ex app on your Android device

With the Go Launcher Ex app installed already on your Android, now you have the power to hide every app you desire by following the next several ways on how to hide apps in your Android.

  1. First, you have to apply the launcher in your Android device
  2. By opening the main menu, you can have access to view all the apps being installed
  3. You can explore other options of Go Launcher Ex app by tapping on the Options Menu button
  4. From there you tap on the “Hide App” option

Hide Apps in Android 2

5. A list of apps will be shown on your Android phone screen

6. Then you select on the apps that you want to hide and tap on “OK”

Hide Apps in Android 3

7. The selected apps which you choose to hide are now invisible in your Menu

Hide Apps in Android 4

If there are easy ways on how to hide your apps in your Android, there are also quick steps on how to unhide the apps that had been hidden in your menu. Just de select the hidden apps in the Hide App menu and the apps will immediately be displayed again in your device screen.

Apart from Go Launcher Ex, there is also another best way on how to hide apps in your Android device. This is the Hide It Pro. It has a unique way in disabling the access of your apps in your phone by turning it as a disguise behind a fully functional Audio Manager. After successfully installing Hide It Pro in any Android device, the app drawer will simply reveal it as Audio Manager instead of Hide It Pro in order to deceive any user other than the personal owner. To unhide the apps is also quick and easy by just opening Audio Manager or Hide It Pro and tapping on “Audio Manager” for two seconds. Now you all have the power to be the master of your privacy.

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