The Best Mobile Bitcoin Wallets For 2017

Bitcoin was still easy to dismiss about a year and a half ago. But over that span (and in fact even before it) it’s been performing extraordinarily well. Even some of the cryptocurrency’s staunchest advocates didn’t quite see this type of surge coming. But at the outset of August, 2017, bitcoin’s value was over $2,700, and at times over the course of the month it has actually exceeded $4,000. It’s a valuable resource, if a volatile one, and something that more and more people are considering buying.

If you’re still a little bit unclear on what, specifically, Bitcoin is, it’s effectively an invented digital currency that has gained tangible value. You can buy Bitcoin with ordinary cash, either through an online exchange or at a “BTM” (an ATM for Bitcoins). But what you’re actually buying isn’t any kind of currency you can feel with your hands or store in an ordinary bank account. Instead, you’re buying private keys that will enable you to access your purchased value in Bitcoin in order to use it for transactions (or sell it back for cash, as some are hoping to do with Bitcoin they purchase for the sake of investment).

A “Bitcoin wallet” is a tools that is used to store those private keys and in some cases to handle transactions as well. There are multiple types of wallets – some on desktops, some in secure locations online, and some even existing in paper form. But the most convenient types of wallets that have emerged are those that essentially function as mobile apps, making storing and managing Bitcoin about as easy as handling any other type of wealth.

These are some of the best mobile wallets to choose this year if you’d like to start using or storing Bitcoin.


This has become probably the most popular Bitcoin wallet option available for mobile devices. It was mentioned first in a brief article on the best iOS wallet options, and also happened to rank first among Android options in a write-up by the same website. It’s beloved by users because of its strong security and simple interface, making it easy if not somewhat pleasant to handle your Bitcoin.


This is another mobile wallet that merited a spot on both of the aforementioned lists (one for iOS and one for Android). It wins some points for its association with the respected payment processing service Bitpay, but it’s also another mobile wallet that’s just clean and easy to use. Copay also gives users the ability to open multiple accounts, meaning, say, if you’d like to have one account for use and one for investment, you can easily set them up.


Mycelium has a slightly better reputation for Android than it does on iOS, but it’s an outstanding mobile wallet either way. It’s mostly known for very strong security, and while it’s not quite as simple as Breadwallet or Copay to pick up and use, its interface is intuitive and it doesn’t make Bitcoin needlessly complicated.

There are additional options as well, and if you decide you have a particularly need in your mobile Bitcoin wallet, you can always search for one that suits that need specifically. But these are the three most worth considering if you’re considering acquiring some digital currency.

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