Share PC internet with Android USB Reverse Tethering

Have you ever been in dire need of an internet connection on your PC but have been unable to connect to the internet via Wi-Fi or simply don’t have a present internet connection available? Thanks to the advancement in technology as we are now able to connect our Android phones with our PC using a simple technique called Tethering.

What exactly is Tethering?

Tethering term might be known to android users as the term appears as soon as you connect your device to PC .Tethering is the process for sharing Android device’s internet with PC. It can be achieved either through Wi-Fi (wireless Hotspot) or by connecting Android device to PC via  USB  cable.Lets talk about sharing internet with USB cable.share pc internet with android usb Reverse Tethering

What is Reverse Tethering?

Reverse Tethering is used when Wi-Fi connection is not available and we want to connect internet on our mobile.

For such a situation one can use Reverse Tethering where Computer system is running Internet and can by pass to Android mobile via USB. This might also be helpful when you have hi speed Internet available running on PC and mobile service is offering low speed .

How to share PC internet with Android

1.  Get the Android phone Rooted with SuperAdmin access ready.

2.  Have a Laptop/PC on which Internet is working

3. Install the drivers for USB for first time usage

How To Reverse Tether

1.  Go to Settings>>Application>>Development>>USB Debugging in your Android device and enable USB debugging.

2.  Now connect the Android device to PC/Laptop with the USB Cable

3. One can get  the latest Reverse Tethering Tools by clicking on following link and extracting the contents to a folder on  hard drive: Download Reverse Tether app from here

4. On opening the folder, you will get  AndroidTool.exe.

5. Run the  AndroidTool.exe  and refresh.

5. Now choose your driver and click on connect.

6. SuperAdmin  will now ask for  permissions to use the USB. Accept the permission and proceed.

7. If the drivers list does not appear then open USB application on your Android phone and accept the permissions.

8. Now you can use the Internet on your Android mobile.

So follow the steps and get connected to Internet on your Android phones.