Download|Install WhatsApp on PC|Laptop

How to Download/Install WhatsApp on PC/Laptop

The app that lets you tell and know what’s UP!

The need to stay connected and updated has never been stronger! Looking for an app that can keep you in touch with your friends and family, know what their wearing or see pictures of the scrumptious burger they ate! Well now you can do that sitting in front of your PC and not worrying about your phone, its battery or limited internet GB’s!

What is the whatsapp messenger app

Whatsapp messenger is a multi-platform mobile system such as iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Nokia and Windows Phone! It allows you to share messages, pictures and voice notes with the people in your contact lists. It automatically updates your phone’s contact list with the Whatsapp messaging list, making it easier for you to connect with anyone in your contact list you wish.  Friends using Whatsapp can check to see if you have it to, and then instantly connect with you via the internet. All messages, pictures and voice notes are free, and only require an internet connection. It’s that cool!

Simple steps to download whatsapp on your PC

Download Install WhatsApp PC Laptop

Step 1
Open Internet Explorer or any web browser and in the URL enter and hit the download for windows, or if you are on a MAC OSX then you can click download for MAC.

Step 2
Once you have downloaded the file, simply click run the file, which will download it on your computer.

Step 3
Once the file has downloaded, open it and start the application, this may take some time depending on the speed of your system. Don’t worry; you are only a few steps away now.

Step 4
Once the application opens, enter your email credentials and move on to clicking Download/Install Whatsapp Messenger from the search bar menu.

Step 5
Once downloaded, run Whatsapp Messenger on Bluestacks, agree with their terms and conditions and click enter.

Step 6
Once you have agreed with their terms and conditions you have enter to enter your region and phone number in the required fields. That’s short and easy!

Step 7
Whatsapp Messenger will send you a confirmation code on your phone, which you need to enter in this application. If for any reason this method doesn’t work you can use an alternate call method by receiving an automated call, which will give you the code, you can enter in the application.
You’re all set to enjoy whatsapp now! Good luck.